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Common Problems with Low-E Glass Windows

If there is one thing I know for sure, Texas weather can be very hot and low-e windows can help with keeping the heat out of your home.

When shopping for windows, it’s imperative to contact at least three companies for a window installation estimate. I find that it’s easier to discern who charges the least and the most for similar services.

When learning more about companies in the area that sell and install double pane windows, it’s not a bad idea to inquire about low-e windows at the same time. I find that the more questions you ask, the better informed you feel before making a purchase. It’s your right to feel confident in your decision to buy from one company as opposed to another, so don’t hesitate to spend time learning more about the products you’re interested in buying.

So, what are low-e windows? What are the problems with low e glass windows? I’m going to answer both questions in-depth for you just in case you’re pressed for time and don’t have many hours to give to researching the subject. It also helps people who aren’t as comfortable asking a window treatments specialist for the answers.

What are Low-E Windows?

How Low-E Windows WorkLow-E windows are energy-efficient windows that reflect UV light and allow visible light to pass through.

The manufacturer designed them to reflect the solar rays outward instead of entering your home. Due to the make of the windows, they keep homes cooler during hotter months and warmer during cooler months.

Among the most important things I’ve learned about low e glass windows in Texas is that the extreme temperatures experienced throughout the state make the microscopically thin coating extra effective.

It reflects heat so well that it’s known to melt plastic chair cushions and lawn furniture! There have been news reports of people losing bags of outdoor goods to the wrath of e-glass!

From a cost perspective, I would say that you get your money’s worth in energy savings from the window. However, you do not stand a chance in protecting your outdoor possessions if they’re in direct alignment with the windows on your home. A simple fix would be to place the lawn furniture in another area of the yard, but that may not make sense for you to do it spatially.

Low-e windows reduce wastefulness. They’re desirable in homes trying to be more mindful of the ways they consume energy. When I started adopting more sustainable practices, I found it helpful to read up on the subject of low-e windows to feel informed enough to speak about the topic to others.

Common Problems with Low E Glass Windows

The hyper-reflective properties of low-e glass windows is just one of the problems people face. There are other discoveries I’ve made about this type of glass, and I want to share them with you. That way, you can avoid some of the issues I’ve experienced personally as an owner of low-e windows.

Damage on Siding from Low-E Windows

Some of the most common problems that people encounter with low e glass are:

  • A gray-colored haze when viewed in direct sunlight or when up against a dark background. It’s not as noticeable until it’s in the right conditions. Then, it’s hard to miss. It can cause the home to look odd if there is a mix of low e glass windows with traditional single-pane windows.
  • The glass reflects more color, so it isn’t necessarily clear in appearance and causes people to think it looks dirty when it’s not. I hate cleaning windows, especially when they’re not that grimy. It’s a small price to pay to keep my home looking aesthetically pleasing to anyone passing it by. If you hate washing dirty windows, you’ll dislike washing windows that look dirty but aren’t even more.
  • It damages siding because it causes it to warp. Protecting my home from unnecessary amounts of wear and tear is a priority for me. Siding isn’t easy to replace. The light reflecting from low-e windows has been known in some instances to focus on areas of siding and heat it up to the point it melts.
  • It kills plants because they can’t stay wet enough to survive. I love gardening and know that plants require a lot of sunlight to thrive. Still, there is such a thing as overkill. If not placed in a shadier part of the yard, you can count on having a dried-out garden that doesn’t produce well because it’s too dry to do so.

I know that the addition of low-e glass windows in my home has caused me to rethink the placement of the objects I keep outdoors. For example, I do not place potted plants near my windows. Additionally, I’ve also avoided planting a garden in the areas directly in front of and to the side of the low e glass windows I own.

I don’t want to spend extra time repotting my plants because their pots have melted. I also hate wasting lots of water on my lawn when other solutions exist. Planting in front of energy-efficient windows can lead to drought-like conditions for the soil and require a lot more maintenance from you to keep your garden and flower beds alive.

It’s important that you’re able to look at the purchase of new windows from all angles. If you’re trying to improve the energy efficiency of your San Antonio, New Braunfels, or Corpus Christi home, it only makes sense to invest in better windows and window treatments. You can raise and lower your blinds and open and close your curtains as a way of controlling how much sunlight enters your home at all times.

Things You Should Do Before Investing in Energy-Efficient Windows

Apart from learning more about the energy ratings of the windows that I bought, I didn’t know a thing else to do when shopping for low e-glass windows. I thought it wouldn’t matter, but ultimately it did. When you see both sides of an issue, you’re able to make a purchasing decision based on facts, not opinions.

I love being able to save money and increase the energy efficiency of my home. On the other hand, I’d like more say in the placement of the various things I’ve put into my yard without fear of them getting destroyed by the reflectiveness of my windows in the extreme Texas heat. Still, it’s a minor inconvenience when I think about how effective the low e-glass has been in lighting and cooling my home.

The more information you’re able to receive about the windows you’re thinking about buying benefits you by allowing you to carefully weigh the pros and cons according to the overall savings you’ll experience in the next year.

Like me, you may find it much better to invest in the windows and take your chances on melting a plastic flower pot or two in the process.

Feeling Prepared to Purchase New Windows by Being Better Informed

As with any purchase I have made for my home, I like to know the pros and cons of buying specific types of products. Knowing what I know about low-e glass windows helps me help you by highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of placing them in your home.

It is my desire to make it possible for you to see that double pane windows have their benefits but can also be problematic if you’re not aware of their issues. They can be more trouble than their worth if you have a small yard and no other choice to place yard furniture in front of them. Like me, you will need to decide if the monthly savings in utility costs is worth overlooking the flaws in the reflectivity of low e glass windows.