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Finding the Best Exterior Doors for your Home


From steel and vinyl to hardwoods and PVC, there are many durable and beautiful exterior door options out there. You will want to be sure that you get the right measurements of your entryway and compare different prices of doors before you make a purchase.

Once you have selected a door that is going to compliment your home, you’ll have to determine whether you or a pro will do the installation. It’s not as simple as it looks, that’s for sure.

What is an Exterior Door?

There are really two types of doors in/around your home. Interior and exterior doors.

While interior doors are typically thin and provide an ample amount of privacy, the exterior door is the last line of defense for your home from thieves and harsh weather. It should be made from a durable material that can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

A good exterior door can also help increase the energy efficiency of your home. They’re typically manufactured with better insulating properties than interior doors to maintain a constant temperature throughout your home.

Lastly, don’t forget that the exterior door is what you look at when you leave the house, so it should have a nice aesthetic quality to it.

Different Styles and Types of Doors

There are many types of doors that you can choose from. You’ll have to take into consideration both your budget and the style you’re wanting to go with.

  • Steel Doors. One common option is steel, which is affordable and durable. Steel is an excellent choice for most homeowners because it is long-lasting and will keep your home safe. It also offers some great insulation properties.
  • Vinyl Doors. Another popular option is vinyl, particularly if you want a more budget-friendly door to work with. Vinyl doesn’t last as long as steel but still offers some benefits like an easy clean-up. You do need to be careful about some of the dyes used in vinyl because they might transfer onto clothes easily or cause damage to surfaces if not cleaned up properly.
  • Hardwood Doors. Some of the most expensive doors on the market, hardwood doors offer a solid look that you can’t get with many other types of doors. They also have a more rustic appearance, which might be perfect for your home. One drawback is that they’re susceptible to rotting and termite infestation. So keep that in mind when you’re looking at hardwood doors.
  • PVC Doors. On the opposite end of the spectrum is PVC, which is one of the cheapest options out there. PVC doesn’t last as long as steel or wood, but it does offer some benefits like being able to resist rot and insects much better than other materials. Many people are drawn to PVC because it comes in different colors and styles that suit any taste or decor style.

What is the Best Type of Exterior Door For My Home

There are many factors that you should consider when purchasing the best exterior doors for your home. What region do you live in? How old is your house? What style of door will compliment your home’s architecture?

Let’s think about where you live. For example, a steel door may be perfect for colder winters; however, a hardwood door may rot over time from too much moisture in certain climates.

If you’re looking for more lighting throughout your main living area you may consider a hardwood windowed door. On the flip side, if the lighting isn’t much of a concern then perhaps you’ll look at solid paneled doors.

All of these factors must be considered when purchasing a door.

DIY Installation vs Hiring a Professional to Install Your Doors

Do-it-yourself installation is often the cheapest option, but it also comes with the highest likelihood of mistakes. This is because many homeowners underestimate how much time it takes and how difficult it can be to install a door. At least one person should be skilled in construction for this type of project and you need to know what type of tools and materials you need before you get started.

Hiring a professional will likely cost more but they will help make sure that everything is done correctly and on time. If you’re new to the project, I would recommend hiring a professional.

Good Luck with Finding the Best Exterior Doors for Your Home

Homeowners are often faced with the daunting task of finding a door for their homes.

There are many long-lasting choices available, such as steel and vinyl, hardwoods and PVC, and even plastics. The type of exterior door you choose is largely dependent on your needs but it’s most important to take into consideration where you live so that the material isn’t susceptible to rotting or termite infestation.

If you’re not looking for much more than just an attractive aesthetic, then selecting one of the cheaper doors and a DIY may be best for you; however, if you’re going for quality, then selecting a premium residential door and hiring someone who has experience installing these types of doors would be wise.

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