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How Much does it Cost to Install an Exterior Door?

Installing a new exterior door can really “open up” some new possibilities at your home! While we look at our doors every day, we often overlook just how important they are for a home’s aesthetic.

Of course, a better door also delivers things like better energy efficiency, better security and protection against structural rot.

If you’re ready to knock on the door of an updated look at your home, it’s time to start pricing out a door replacement project.

How Much to Install Exterior Door at Your House?

The price of a door installation depends on a few things. This includes things like the condition of the current frame, the style of your replacement door and any extra security features you add on.

Here’s a look at some cost figures for different types of entry doors when accounting for both the door and labor costs:

  • Standard Front Doors: $500 to $2,000.
  • Double Front Doors: $1,500 to $4,000.
  • Doors With Sidelights: $1,800 to $4,500.

Of course, there is the possibility of adding a custom door that is made to fit the unique theme of your home. While the sky is the limit in terms of how much you want to spend to create a show-stopping custom door at your home, the starting point is usually around $5,000.

What Are the Different Types of Entry Doors That Are Available?

The material you choose can greatly impact price. The good news is that you have a wide variety of very durable, practical materials to choose from on the market today. Here’s a look at the popular door materials to choose from when selecting your new entry door:

  • Aluminum ($100 to $1,500): The top budget pick, aluminum doors typically come with large glass windows that are perfect for homes with views. Aluminum is also a great choice if you’re searching for an entry door for a patio enclosure.
  • Fiberglass ($200 to $2,000): Great for efficiency, fiberglass doors are resist expansion and contraction to ensure that you home’s heated or cooled air won’t escape!
  • Steel ($220 to $1,500): Commonly used for garage entries, steel offers a durable and strong option that performs nicely in various weather conditions.
  • Composite ($200 to $3,000): These strong, highly versatile doors last for a long time with very little maintenance needed.
  • Wood ($1,000 to $5,000): Elite and elegant, wood is the preferred choice for a designer house. In addition to being beautiful, wood doors offer extra installation. Wood is a top pick from the security angle because wood doors are so difficult to breach or kick in.
  • French Doors ($500 to $3,000): If you’re looking for doors leading to a yard, deck or patio enclosure, French doors add elegance and prestige to a home while letting in beautiful light.
  • Accordion/Folding Doors ($5,000 to $25,000): While this is a look that is often seen in “mansions” and expensive estates, accordion/folding doors can be added to any home where there is enough space. This option essentially opens the home to the yard seamlessly to create an indoor-outdoor space.

There’s obviously lots of variety when it comes to transforming your home using just a door!

What Else Is Involved With a Door Replacement?

If you’re replacing a front, side or entry door, you’re probably also ready to replace a storm door or screen door. While these doors are substantially less expensive than a standard entry door, they will likely add a few hundred dollars to the cost of your project.

A typical screen door will go from about to $150 in the “budget” range to $350 for a “fancier” style. With the heartier storm door, prices range from $250 to $1,000.

What Factors Could Make a Door Installation More Expensive?

Getting a new door installed is sometimes as simple as swapping your current door for a new door that’s the same size and style. However, that’s not always the case. There are some factors that could add to the cost of installing a new door at your home.

While some of these costs are unavoidable due to damage or rot, others are matters or preference.

The big question is whether or not you’ll be fitting your door into an existing doorway opening that’s the same size. If you are, your installation costs will much lower.

If you’re choosing a door that requires a different opening, this is where costs for labor and materials need to be factored into the picture.

Changing your door configuration can be a great way to make a “grand entrance” in your home. It can also enable you to add a door with sidelights or a large, built-in window. However, you’ll need to do some structural work to ensure that the new door fits nicely while also being fully up to code.

If you’re altering the entryway, you’ll need to account for costs related to widening the doorway, stabilizing the doorway and finishing the sheetrock and siding around the doorway. You may also need to pay for the permits needed for the project. If you’re changing the size of a doorway, you’ll also need to add a new storm door or screen door to meet the new measurements.

Don’t Forget About Door Hardware

Door Hardware Installation

Hardware can really make or break a door!  So finding and installing the perfect door hardware is essential.

Hardware can include hinges, handles and deadbolts. In some cases, you may want to consider adding a lock that also has a keypad that enables you to enter in a code instead of turning a key each time you enter the house. This can be especially convenient for a door that you use when entering your house with grocery bags in your arms.

Determining How Much to Install Exterior Door: Getting a Price for a New Door

With so many factors going into the cost of installing a new door, there’s really only one way to determine how much getting a new door at your house will cost. The first step is selecting a door style that works for your house.

Next, you can get an idea of how much your actual installation will cost based on the specific door you want, any work that needs to be done to prepare the area for your new door and any additional hardware you’d like to add to your door.

Replacing an outdated door is one of the easiest ways to increase the “wow factor” of your home. In fact, a front door is essential for making a good first impression because it’s the first thing that a visitor will make contact with when entering your home! Make a plan to determine how much to install exterior door at your home today!