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Save Money with the Best Energy Saving LED Light Bulbs

The best energy saving LED light bulbs are well worth the money spent on them. They help you illuminate the home in a way that’s cost-efficient and environmentally responsible. If you’re looking for ways to make your home green, as I have, read along as I explain why I made the switch to dimmable LEDs and the best brands you have to choose from today.

This guide goes over several of the most important considerations to make when choosing color changing LED light bulbs. It helps you understand exactly what to look for in the best energy saving LEDs available. I want you to have as easy a time as I had selecting an option for your home so you can benefit from the inclusion of them in your life right away. That way, you can fully benefit from dimmable LED light bulbs in the home, too.

Phillips Frosted A21

Philips Frosted LED A21 Light BulbWhen it comes to dimmable LED light bulbs, Phillips has some of the best options available. I personally can account for their longevity because I’ve used the brand for quite some time. They’re virtual powerhouses with over 2610 lumens of white light. They’re a great substitute for 150 incandescent because they use significantly less energy, 80 percent less, to be exact!

The bulbs last 13 times longer than other types of lighting. They provide an incredible 15,000 hours of light when used no more than three hours per day. They don’t flicker, either, making them a consistent source of warm and inviting lighting. You can use them to brighten up a space and dim them when you want to achieve a more relaxed state of mind.

I like the fact that the bulbs undergo strict EyeComfort requirements, too. It helps people with sensitive eyes adjust to the lighting easier. It’s something I can’t recommend enough if you spend a lot of time under artificial lights. You might as well feel as comfortable as possible.

When it comes to bang for the buck, you’ll get it with this light bulb. It may not be the most powerful LED light bulbs available, but it’s still very satisfying. If you live in a large home with lots of rooms in it, you can save yourself a mint in lighting costs. I know I’ve seen a considerable difference in my home lighting bills lately because of the addition of these bulbs.

C by GE A19

C by GE LED LightI love the convenience these smart bulbs provide me with daily. I use them with my Amazon Alexa and can control the lighting with my voice. The Wi-Fi-enabled bulbs are excellent options for people who hate walking into a dark home. I, personally, am one of those people who get a kick out of saying, “Hey, Alexa. Turn on the lights.”

You’ll probably be one of those people, too, that come to rely on GE’s Cync app. You can change the color of the bulbs with the press of a button, making them as much about aesthetics as they are functional. They can go from a warmish white to a stark blue easily. If you want to make your movie or game night extra special, you’ll want to make color changing LED light bulbs a part of the event.

The bulbs are ideal for medium base sockets fit for 60W incandescent A19 light bulbs. What I love about them is how they last up to 15 times longer than regular incandescent bulbs. They also use significantly less power which makes them even more valuable in my book. I get 84 percent savings with each bulb that I have in my home.

A four-pack retails for under $50, making it a very lucrative investment. At less than $10 a bulb, I can justify the expense. Each provides outstanding use and lower home utility bills. What I save each month more than covers what I paid for the bulbs initially.

GE Relax A19

GE Relax LED BulbAmong the best energy saving LED light bulbs available is the GE Relax A19. It’s yet another option for you to consider. I like that I can save up to $84 per bulb throughout its lifespan. It’s a 60-watt replacement that only uses 8.5 watts or 800 lumens.


The bulb lives up to its name. It creates comfortable lighting with its soft white light. I can count on using the bulbs for 13 years if I average only three hours of use per day. The A19 bulbs can be used with most dimmer switches, making them extra useful in high-use settings.

I’ve switched many of my regular light bulbs with LED versions and seen a considerable difference in the money it takes to keep my home well-lit. You’ll want to make the switch, too, if you’re trying to be more environmentally conscious and save money in the process. Think about how much money you’ll save over your lifetime by investing in a product such as the GE Relax A19.

Less waste, more efficiency, and better control over your home environment are a few of the many benefits that replacing traditional light bulbs with LED light bulbs provides you with yearly. It’s a switch that requires very little effort, too, because all you do is unscrew the old light bulbs and replace them with the new ones you just bought. You’ll notice a distinct change in how the home looks and feels because you decided to switch to more energy efficient lighting. Your residence feels more tranquil instantly.

Sylvania 40739 A19

Sylvania Energy Efficient LED Light BulbThe manufacturer, Sylvania, makes another contender for the best dimmable LED light bulbs. It’s the 40739 A19 model. Available in a pack of four bulbs, each puts out 16 watts and 1600 lumens during daylight. They have a lifespan of 15,000 hours, meaning you’ll replace them less frequently.

With up to 85 percent savings per bulb, consider how quickly you’ll see your energy bill plummet. That’s one of my favorite things about investing in the best energy saving LED light bulbs. I feel environmentally responsible for my consumption, including electricity. Sylvania’s bulbs help me take charge of my carbon footprint more sustainably.

The cool white light that comes from the bulbs is excellent for performing many tasks. I spend a lot of time working on my home computer and feel that they’re preferable to other types of lighting. I can accomplish a lot without fear of straining my eyes too much. Sylvania is a brand that lasts a long time and has a reputation for being a leader in creating reliable light sources.

I love that the bulbs contain no mercury, either. I can dispose of them without worrying that I’m tainting the environment with harmful chemicals. I consider every detail of my life as a consumer. I want to help the planet, not harm it with my actions and purchases.

GE Battery Backup

GE Battery Backup LED Light BulbIf you want to be extra prepared when the power goes out, I’ve got a solution for you. GE’s Battery Backup bulbs are a lifesaver. The self-charging ebulbs emit light even when the power is off. You can also use them like you would a flashlight during outages. The bulbs are easy to unscrew and take with you to other locations.

The portability of the bulbs, paired with their ability to recharge themselves when the power’s back on, make them one of my main choices in energy saving LED light bulbs. I’ve replaced my normal 60 watt bulbs with these beauties and have not looked back since. They provide 95 lumens for up to five hours of lighting with a full charge.

The soft white color isn’t too harsh. The bulbs only put out 8 watts of light but can be used in place of higher wattage bulbs, as I already explained. At less than $15 a bulb, it’s worth investing in a few of these for the home. In those ‘just-in-case moments, it’s imperative to have a reliable light source such as GE’s Battery Backup bulbs.

I feel more prepared for whatever happens because I own this product from GE. It’s one of the most exceptional options I’ve come across recently. If you live in an area of the country prone to storms and blackouts or brownouts, it’s time that you took better care of yourself and household with the right backup lighting. The best part about these bulbs is that they’ll never run out of rechargeable energy.

The Right LED Light Bulbs Can Transform Your Home

The LED light bulbs listed here are among the best available for you to purchase. They’re outstanding in their ability to save energy and reduce the costs of your monthly electric bill. I’ve seen a noticeable difference in how my home looks and feels, too, thanks to the addition of Phillips, GE, and Sylvania products. I’m finally able to achieve the warm and welcoming home environment I’ve been trying to create for years.

When shopping for your home, consider the number of lumens, the lifespan of the bulbs, the price, and the function of the product. That way, you’re sure to get your money’s worth out of every purchase that you make of LED light bulbs. If you’re anything like me, I want to get a big return on my investments.

Thankfully, the best energy saving LED light bulbs reduce the amount of waste created by my household and lower my utility bills, too. I can’t say enough good things about making the switch to LED light bulbs. They’ve changed the way I feel inside my home by making it feel cozier and more efficient. They’re great for creating a specific feeling and mood which I very much appreciate.