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What Window Treatments are in Style in 2021

A stylish home starts with stylishly dressed windows. Never underestimate the power of window coverings to dictate a room’s mood.

The goal of window coverings is not to just “cover” windows. The right window dressing will actually open up the potential of your windows and your home!
The best part is that you’re making a room look better while also saving on energy costs, adding privacy and blocking out peak sun.

What’s the best way to cover windows without making a room seem bleak? Take a look at the window treatments that are in style in 2021. While some of these looks borrow from the past, they’re being done in ways that are fresh for 2021.

Interior Window Shutters

Interior Window Shutters in StyleInterior window shutters work for both country-chic and “beachy” looks. They really add a wholesome aspect to a room. This is the top pick for making it seem like you got new windows even though you didn’t.

What’s nice about louvered interior shutters is that you can easily control the intensity of the sunlight and breezes you’re allowing into a room. There is also the benefit that interior shutters come in both whole-window (full height) and half-window (café height) designs.

There are even hybrid options today where the top and bottom portions work independently. Interior shutters are really amazing if you want versatile configurations.

From the value perspective, the custom look and fit of interior shutters can add prestige to a home. These shutters are really more like fixtures that give a home character.


There’s a reason why blinds have continued to be popular for decades. They’re simply effective for covering windows in an attractive, user-friendly way. They are also “breezy’ enough to make you feel like the beauty of your windows is being showcased without leaving you feeling overexposed.

Here’s a look at some blinds to consider if you’re going for a fresh, custom look that makes your windows look elegant and expensive.


Rolling (Roller Shades)

The most streamlined style, a rolling blind allows you to control light and exposure with the quick flick of your hand. Don’t underestimate how modern and crisp a white rolling shade can look on the window above a kitchen sink.
Roller Shades



Bringing texture without adding “weight” to your windows, pleated designs are great for achieving an airy look in a room.

You’ll find that there’s tons of versatility in terms of light control when you shop for this option.

While some pleated styles are nearly transparent, others have very strong blackout and light-filtering capabilities. These are great if you don’t want to rob a large, open room of its natural light even though you desire a touch of privacy. In addition to making a window look bigger, a white pleated blind can make a whole room look bigger simply based on the way the light radiates through.
Pleated Shades



Great for building a cozy, rustic theme in your home, wood makes windows appear very stately.

This is a great way to create a “homey” vibe that is also refined. Many people who dislike vinyl styles because they can look “cheap” or artificial are discovering that wood styles allow them to enjoy a design they love with some added beauty and depth. With wood, you can really take your pick from a large mix of deep, rich finishes and lighter, fresher finishes.
Wooden Blinds Are Expensive but Stylish


Faux Wood

While wood is a very attraction option, it has two potential downsides. The first is that it’s very heavy. The second is that it’s pricey. Wooden blinds can cost upwards of $200 each. This is why some people settle on faux wood.

Faux wood is also a great choice if you’re looking for window coverings for high-humidity areas with fluctuating temperatures like the kitchen or bathroom because wood might not be so great in these spots.

Using sophisticated finishes and touches, faux wood designs can be nearly indistinguishable from real wood.
Faux Wood Blinds are Great Window Treatments for Less


Woven Shades

Woven shades bring a very bohemian, casual vibe to a room. They are often made from bamboo. This is a really inexpensive way to get something with a similar look to wood that isn’t as much of a commitment.
Woven Blinds



Drapery Window Treatments are in StyleI’m just going to be honest about the fact that drapes don’t work in every house.
However, that doesn’t mean they these window treatments aren’t in style.  They just have to be done right.
Overdressing windows can just make it “feel hotter” from a psychological perspective down here in Texas. However, drapes bring a very dramatic and beautiful essence to a room when they do work.

Windows drapery is great for large, dramatic rooms that aren’t going to feel “closed in” by fabric. They can be especially beautiful when you have a “window wall” in your home. Just picture sheer, vanilla-colored drapes flowing gently to the rhythm of a summer breeze visiting your open windows.

You don’t have to go “all in” with draperies just because you’ve decided that you want this look to tie things to together in a specific part of your home. For instance, plaid or “chicken farmhouse” curtains can be adorable in a country kitchen. However, the rest of the home can be done with interior shutters to tie in the country-inspired look without making things too gimmicky.


Window Panels are Always in StyleIf you want to add height to a room where everything feels a bit low, window panels are great for drawing the eye up.
Honestly, window panels can be great if you’re stuck with windows that you don’t truly love.
This is the top pick if you want a “cover them up” option for windows that you have lukewarm feelings about.
Pick out a style and color that goes with your furniture and complements the decor in the room and turn the windows into something beautiful and elegant.

Rethinking Every Room’s Style With Updated Window Treatments

The best thing about window treatments is that you don’t have to follow any rules. It’s perfectly fine to use different styles in different rooms in your home. In fact, this is something that’s commonly done for larger homes where each room has its own “theme.”
In reality, what window treatments are in style is completely up to you and they never have to stay the same.

Changing your window treatment can change your outlook on your home! This is just one small example of how little updates can help you to increase a home’s beauty and value in a snap if you’re willing to do something different.