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Barn Door Window Shutters: Style, Privacy and Energy Efficiency

Barn door window shutters are a new trend in home decor and energy efficiency. These barn-style shutters provide style, privacy, and save you money on your energy bills as well.

Don’t be concerned with the size of your windows as these shutters can be custom made to fit any size or shape of window in your home.

Barn Door Window Shutters Are Beautiful, Elegant, and Rustic

Barn door window shutters have become a popular trend in home decor because they are beautiful, elegant, and rustic.

If you’re the type to follow home trends and find yourself scrolling through Pinterest or Houzz, you’ve probably seen the barn door style doors. They’re becoming ever popular these days.

The rustic style of the shabby wood combined with the intricate hardware can really give your home a farmhouse feel while living in suburbia.

These shutters are no different. Instead of sliding doors, however, they’re on your windows.

And, just like other window treatments, you have a slew of options to go with. Whether you’re after something light and modern such as a white, or something more natural like stained mahogany, the options are endless.

These stylish treatments can perk up any boring windows around your home.

However, there is more to these windows than just looks. They also work great as well.

Unmatched Functionality: Protect Your Windows and Provide Privacy

Barn Door Window Shutters are a new trend that is in for home decor, protection, and privacy.

The barn door design has been around since the 12th century but its popularity has grown due to its many benefits which include giving you more control over natural light while still providing privacy from outside viewpoints.

There are different barn doors available depending on your needs such as barn door window shutters that have slats or louvers that can be opened or closed at will to regulate how much light enters your home or living space.

You may be in a region that is vulnerable to hurricanes or tropical storms, such as Corpus Christi, TX. The threat of hurricanes and other weather events is always present in these areas. These elegant shutters can provide a quick and durable solution for your house’s protection.

Energy Efficient Window Treatments

Barn door window shutters can be an energy-efficient solution for your home by preventing the sun’s harmful UV rays from coming in during the heat of the day.

While one option is to go with Low-E windows, this is typically expensive and can take weeks to get the windows in. This barn door style is a quick and affordable solution to saving money on your energy bill. With the right tools on hand, you could easily install these window treatments in an afternoon.

Simply slide the shutters closed, keep some of that sunlight out, and give your air conditioning unit a break.

We don’t like raining on your parade, but you should definitely be aware that there are some downsides to these beauties.

The Downside is that Barn Door Window Shutters are Heavy

While they’re definitely visually appealing compared to generic drapes or blinds, there is one drawback and that is that they’re typically very heavy.

You may be able to quickly install curtains, but you’ll have to break out a slew of tools to put these shutters up.

Barn door shutters allow you to open or close as needed without any latching mechanisms so there is no need for additional hardware like curtains or shades. But all of this hardware and wood can get heavy.

Depending on the size of your window, they can be up to 500 pounds! That may be something you want a professional to install. You typically don’t need a pro to install curtains or drapes.

Final Thoughts on this Trend

Forget about the cliched contrivances of window covering and get in on this hot trend.

Barn door shutters are stylish, provide privacy when desired, help control energy costs with their insulation properties, and they’re just plain cool!

If you’re interested in these chic window treatments we definitely recommend reaching out to a professional to have them installed properly.

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